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Hello, I'm Gillian.

I've been a drug and alcohol researcher since 2002, and have been an academic lecturer since 2008. My focus is on support for those who are currently experiencing harm or are at risk of harm from alcohol and drugs who want support yet may not be actively seeking formal treatment. My ultimate goal is to enhance health and wellbeing, achieve stigma reduction, and empower change.

As a dedicated harm reductionist, I believe in the importance of involving patients, service users, and those with lived experience in my research. Their perspectives play a vital role in shaping my work. For more updates, feel free to follow me on twitter @gwshorter

My research and policy advisory activities fall into four categories, and I've included some links to my recent work below:


Trials Methodology

Helping find out what works in randomised trials using the best possible methods e.g how do we design pilot trials, how to we include a wider group of people in trials

Intervention evaluation

What works to help those who are seeking change and developing evidence based-interventions e.g. drug consumption rooms, overdose prevention centres, or naloxone

Prioritising outcomes

Determining what outcomes to measure to show  change following an intervention (core outcome sets) e.g. International standard on outcomes in Alcohol Brief Intervention trials
Addiction Research
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