Hello, I'm Gillian.

I've been working on alcohol and drug research since 2002. My work focuses on those who are currently experiencing harm or are at risk of harm from alcohol and drugs. It aims to improve health and wellbeing, reduce stigma, and empower change.

I'm a proud harm reductionist, and am keen to involve patients, service users, or other people with lived experience meaningfully in my work. Follow me on twitter here @gwshorter

My research and policy advisory activities fall into four categories:

What are the problems?

Identifying problems and opportunities for change with initiatives to improve health.

Trials Methodology

Helping find out what works in randomised trials using the best possible methods

Intervention evaluation

Determining what works to help those who are seeking change to achieve the changes they want

Prioritising outcomes

Determining the what people would like to change following an intervention (and by different groups)