A selection of the great people I have the pleasure of working with in alphabetical order (in brackets, I have indicated the kind of work we are doing together)

Current work


Cherie Armour (traumatology and substance use)

Tim Bingham (addictive behaviours, naloxone, outreach and harm reduction advocacy)

Mhairi Bowe (social psychology and substance use)

Brendan Bunting (statistical modelling, substance use, clinical trials)

Mike Clarke (randomised control trials)

Vivien Coates (statistical modelling, diabetes, clinical trials)

John Cunningham (randomised control trials, hangovers, substance use)
Michael Farrell (substance use)

Mark Griffiths (statistical modelling, behavioural and substance addiction and addictive behaviours)

Deborah Hall (statistical modelling, psychological models)

Dorothy Newbury-Birch (ORBITAL project)

Mark Shevlin (statistical modelling, substance use)

Mark Tully (statistical modelling, physical activity, health)

Tony van Rooij (statistical modelling, behavioural addiction and addictive behaviours)

My amazing PhD Researchers

Nicole Miller Attitudes to overdose prevention in Ireland

Jane Williams Supporting young people after bereavement using sport

Zoe Campbell Experiences of long-term alcohol dependence

John McQuaide Models of care for those with long-term alcohol dependence

Elizabeth Cowdean Intersectionality of mental health and LGBTQIA+ identities in the creative sector

Kenneth Ross Psychological well-being in the intimate relationships of ex-services personnel

My amazing ex-PhD Researchers who are now knocking it out of the park in their respective fields

Abby Hunter (McCormick)

Daria Kuss

Lucy Handscomb

Vanessa Gstrein

Lydia Devenney

Jane Rigbye