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Some current projects

Listen to some recent podcasts

Drug consumption rooms

Please get in touch with me if you want to chat about DCRs- happy to help/support

Led evaluation of the first UK overdose prevention centre run by Peter Krykant

Drug Science Enhanced Harm Reduction Working Group

Model of co-production for DCRs

Drug Science Podcast on OPCs, Lancet Public Health article, Psychologist article, Society for the Study of Addiction article

With colleagues in Faculty of Public Health Drugs Special Interest group, we have developed two public letters, one to pilot a site and one to change the Misuse of Drugs Act Regulations to make it easier to operate. These have signatories from professional health organisations like the Royal Colleges, Politicians, Academics, Healthcare professionals, and many others

ORBITAL diagram.png

Outcome Measurement

Core outcome set of what to measure in trials of alcohol brief interventions

In collaboration with INEBRIA

Paper here

Commentary here with response here

Forthcoming outcome framework for drug diversion scheme (funded by Health Service Executive, Ireland)

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