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Resources and Links

Please note, these links are neither an endorsement nor a diagnosis. I am not a substitute for medical advice and you should seek additional advice to determine if they are suitable for you, your family, or your loved ones.

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Resources for local alcohol and drug use services

Addiction NI - support for addictive behaviours

Carlisle House (residential substance use services)

Depaul (homelessness services)

Search for health services in your area




Northern Ireland


Writing and publishing resources

Writing for Research (Prof Patrick Dunleavy)

Everything you ever wanted to know about writing


Publishing Addiction Science

A superb guide to all aspects of publishing


How to report (almost) anything


Everything you ever wanted to know about publication ethics


Open science

Get credit for your peer review at publons


Academic resources

Psypag (Psychology postgraduate affairs group) - Support for UK postgraduates

British Psychological Society

Support for job searching: The Professor Is In (includes advice for jobs outside the academy too!), good general interview advice

I recommend The Productive Researcher to everyone because it is brilliant


Also like The Artists Way 

Happiness by Designe

Currently reading: Emilie Pine Notes to Self


Support your local bookshop (& local shops in general)

My local is Books Paper Scissors and Bookends Bangor

Also #SaveTheArts by supporting Artists and paying for their work

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